Online BABAJI SURYA NAMASKAR course for India, North America, Brasil

BABAJI SURYA NAMASKAR – DEVOTION IN MOTION online course for India, North America, Brasil
Babaji Surya Namaskar is a moving prayer of gratitude that combines reverence and awareness of the Divine with mantra and ancient yoga asanas (postures).
Align body, mind and spirit : moving meditation celebrates the divinity of the human body temple. It takes only a few minutes a day and brings light and aliveness into your whole being. A simple practice of 6-8 daily rounds takes only 10-15 minutes, and can provide the same benefits as 45 minutes of Hatha Yoga: strength, positive energy flow, and clarity of mind.
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Date: Sunday, 2nd May, 5-7 pm IST
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Fee : donation based
Language : english