Atma Kriya Yoga course in Paje, Zanzibar

You can deepen your spiritual vacation and spend a few more days in the south-eastern city of Zanzibar, in Paje, where we organize an Atma Kriya Yoga course.

Atma Kriya Yoga is a complete yogic and meditative practice, given by Mahavatar Babaji to Paramahamsa Vishwananda in order to help us develop, nurture and deepen our connection with the Divine within us.
It is a yoga that reaches far beyond the physical body.

Atma Kriya Yoga helps you:
– reduce karma and purify the mind and body
– to build a personal relationship with the Divine
– to connect with the source of life in one’s own being
– to awaken the Divine qualities of love, peace, patience, wisdom, intuition and compassion.

With its asanas, mudras, main kriya, energy shield, 9 forms of bhakti, meditation techniques, yoga sound, OM Chanting and pranayamas, Atma Kriya Yoga is truly a COMPLETE yoga system.

It is well-rounded and at the same time adaptable to today’s fast-paced lifestyle.
– Asanas: 5 body positions that support your meditation, strengthen the immune system and the vitality of the body.
– Mudras: Body and Finger Yoga regulates your body’s energy so that you can reach your spiritual goal.
– Main Kriya: Chakra meditation raises your consciousness, connects body and soul and cancels/burns the spiritual year of karma with every breath.
– Energy Shield: Raising the vibration of your energy centers protects you from negativity and allows more Divine Light to come through.
– Japa: repeating the Names of God attunes your entire being to the powerful vibration of the Name and awakens the Divine qualities within you.
– Meditation techniques: concentration and focus help you become self-aware in the actions of daily life, thereby transcending the duality of human existence.
– The Sound of Yoga: Listening to the symphony of inner mystical sounds coming from your heart chakra strengthens your intuition.
– OM Chanting: group chanting creates peace and harmony both in you, in the people around you and in the environment.
– Pranayama: observing and controlling the breath enables physical and energetic balance.

The highlight of the course is a wonderful personal SHAKTIPAT initiation, where the grace and blessing of all Kriya Masters are transferred to you.

DATE: Saturday and Sunday, 23.3. & 24.3.2024, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Saturday) and 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. (Sunday)
COURSE PRICE: 93 euros
LOCATION: Paje, Zanzibar (details to follow)
REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION: Manica Maček (Shivani), or tel. 041 834 045 Shivani

A warm welcome!