Nestled in the impressive foothills of the Slovenian mountains, the community of OM Yoga Center is the perfect place to treat yourself with yoga, meditation, ancient rituals, and nature. OM Yoga center with a cozy accomodation is situated in the heart of Slovenska Bistrica city. The nearby spacious forests of Pohorje provide the deep peace and quietness that you have been looking for. The house, which is under cultural heritage, was built in 1880 and underwent a complete renovation in 2020. A touch of tradition, spacious and bright halls, fireplaces, and modern yoga equipment, with a view of the national park and pure nature, allow guests to completely relax, enjoy and recharge their batteries. In 2022 all shared rooms were also completely renovated. Clean, bright, warm, and comfortable accommodations allow guests to fully devote themselves to personal development and spirituality. Vegan friendly, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs not allowed. Come and enjoy an international community.

Our team lives and breaths for yoga. You can only overnight or join various activities that are daily run in the yoga center. Traditional yoga styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, Yoga for back pain will center your body and breath. Gentle breathing techniques and guided morning meditation will reconnect your whole being and prepare you for a new mindful day. Various activities will provide a deep level of relaxation and regeneration, including active hiking trips in nature, cold dips in the mountain lakes and waterfalls, cycling, or relaxing with regenerative massages with sound. You may also try reading yogic scriptures, recharging with yoga Nidra, joining lectures about yogic lifestyle, vegan nutrition, and yogic philosophy, or just taking time for yourself in the peaceful garden. In the evening your are welcome to join our daily community prayers, that will fill you up with peace, love, energy, and positive vibration.

City Slovenska Bistrica is surrounded with Pohorje hills, which provide plenty of opportunities to cycling / hiking tours. You can also rent a bike or e-bike free of charge. Surrounded by natural beauties, waterfalls, lakes, adjacent national parks, hiking and cycling trails, stunning panoramic routes, together with a rich cultural heritage, the city of Bistrica offers a unique spiritual experience.

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